Conversion to a Marriage

Upgrading from a Civil Partnership

The law changed in 2014, allowing us to 'upgrade' our civil partnership to a full marriage.  To avoid having too many anniversaries, we decided to go through the process on January 21st 2015 - exactly nine years after our civil partnership ceremony.

We were unable to get an appointment in Kent so, after phoning around, managed to book into Islington Registrar's office in the afternoon.

It was just an administrative process rather than a ceremony, but it did mean that we are officially - husbands!  To celebrate (after a visit to Tate Modern) we had a fabulous meal in the Oxo tower restaurant, with views over the city.  We even ordered a bottle of wine from a vineyard in South Africa that we had visited on our honeymoon.


With the Marriage Cerificate at the Registrar's Office A Selfie near St Pauls In the Oxo Tower Restaurant
A Dessert at the Restaurant




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