When we left London (via Westwoods Farm) in 2002, we also left most other aspects of our old lives behind.  We moved to Torquay in Devon, and became... hoteliers!

Proprietors in Residence


Sunset from the Haytor

We took possession of the Haytor Hotel on October 1st 2002.  It soon became apparent to us that nothing would ever be the same again!   The hotel was in a great location near the harbour, and had some nice views over the town.


PR Picture with Sally (Accountant) and Sue (Estate Agent)


Photo at The Orange Tree

The above photo appeared with an article in the local paper, which was basically a PR exercise by our accountants.   A year later another picture and article appeared, when we and another family celebrated our first 12 months as hoteliers.


Click on the icon on the right to listen to an interview Steve did in November 2006 with BBC Radio Devon on the subject of 'Branding' the county of Devon.

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Finally however, the appeal of waking each morning to cook up to thirty breakfasts and of having most evenings interrupted by bells and phone calls began to wane.  It was time to move on to new challenges - before one (or both) of us turned into a real-life Basil Fawlty!  So in August 2007, with five years under our belt, we sold the Haytor and moved out to a rented bungalow in nearby Paignton for a few months well-deserved rest.

Putting the 'No Vacancies' sign up for the last time

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