Gran Canaria

               November 2004


With two seasons under our belt, it was once again time to put up the 'No Vacancies' signs and pack off the dogs to Steve's sister's house.  While we only managed one day on the beach (the weather was warm, but overcast), in a city of over 350,000 people - and with duty-free shopping - there was no shortage of things to do.  Too much in fact for a single week; somehow we think we may be visiting Las Palmas again...


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

After our experience in Tenerife two years previously, we decided to avoid the tourist enclaves and headed instead for the capital of the Canaries, Las Palmas.  The decision was helped by the fact that one side of the town is fronted by a long, wide, sandy beach known as Las Cantaras.  This was where the 'paseo' happened each evening, and where a lot of the bars and restaurants were located.  And not a binge-drinker in sight!

  Panoramic View of Las Cantaras Beach
View from Our Apartment
The Interior of Our Apartment Breafast on Las Cantaras Phil in the Parque San Telmo, Las Palmas


The Rest of the Island

As is our usual habit, we hired a car for a couple of days to explore the island.

On the first day, we stopped briefly in Playa del Ingles for some shopping in the infamous Yumbo centre before escaping from tourist hell into the rugged interior of Gran Caneria.  We couldn't go too high up into the centre of the island because of visibility (we were literally driving in the clouds at times), but even at the lower levels the valleys and passes were breathtaking.

On day two, we went first west from Las Palmas along the spectacular north coast of the island and then inland again before finally reaching the southern resort of Puerto de Mogan.  After lunch we headed one final time back into the interior to discover a canyon to give the one in the US a run for its money.

  Mountain Pass We stopped for lunch at this mountain cafe Mountain Windmill
Mountain Reservoir Houses built into the mountainside Coloured strata of rock
Steve enjoying the stunning scenery of the north coast The north coast Mountain Canyon
Steve and a Canyon
Phil and the Canyon Phil and the Canyon - again! Steve at Puerto de Mogan

Panoramic View of Puerto de Morgan, on the South Coast of the Island


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