November 1999

Memorable as our holiday in Canada had been, one thing it lacked was days lazing on a hot beach.  So a relatively cheap week in Goa in India was decided on.

Someone on our flight to Goa must have had some germs they wanted to share.  We woke up on our first morning in the Goan Heritage Resort in Canalgute with flu, and were wiped out for the next three days.  Even once we were able to drag ourselves out of our room, we had a couple of days with dodgy guts - admittedly not unusual in this part of the world.  Our advice?  If you're going Long Haul, give yourself at least a fortnight!   The Beach Near Our Resort The Beach Near Our Resort Cows on the Beach Near Our Resort
A Rare Visit to the Beach Steve on Our Room's Balcony Phil on Our Room's Balcony
Our Room - Where We Spent Most of the Holiday!    


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