El Campello


Two breaks in El Campello - so far - this year.  The first was just the two of us, but for (at least the first part of) our second visit, we managed to successfully recreate the previous year's July holiday with close friends Jackie and Phil. 



We took our first week's break of 2016 during late April, leaving Dexter with house-sitters.  This allowed us to visit less dog-friendly places.

One of these was the Palmaral in Alicante.  Although on a smaller scale than the more famous one in Elche we had visited the previous year, it was definitely worth a visit.

We also visited the town of Villajoyosa.  It proved to be like a smaller version of El Campello, with a pleasant seafront.  It also contained a chocolate museum, attached to the Valor chocolate factory.

A final new place we explored was up in the hills beyond Benidorm.  The park around the Benidorm cross afforded spectacular views over the town.






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