November 2000


As the storms lashed the UK and Kent went under water, we set off for two weeks in the sun. The plan was for a few days in Cairo before heading off for a well deserved (and needed) break at the beack. Phil Reade joined us for the first week and then Tony joined us for the second. Benson was packed off to the parents for his holiday in sunny Essex.


Khan el-Khalili Market and Coptic Cairo

First we got our bearings by visiting the local market and Coptic Cairo.

  Street Scene in Khan el-Khalili Locals dress Phil up as guess who?! Hanging Church - Coptic Cairo
Almaz, Phil and Phil R - Khan el-Khalili
Steve & Phil - Khan el-Khalili


The Cairo Tower

You can just make out the Pyramids in the dim distance if you squint and stand on one leg! After sitting down for a nice cup of tea and slice of cake in the "restaurant" the building began to sway - or so we thought until we realised that it was a revolving restaurant!   Cairo Tower Steve outside the top of Cairo Tower Steve outside the top of Cairo Tower
View from Cairo Tower - 6 October Bridge North view from Cairo Tower Zamahlek view from Cairo Tower
View of Giza from Cairo Tower View of Giza from Cairo Tower - Can you see the Pyramids? Steve in the Cairo Tower Restarant


A Sunset Felucca Ride on the Nile

Almaz (always prepared with food and drink) brings along a cooler fullof beers as we head onto the Nile for a sunset "cruise". The peace and calm was amazing with the amount of traffic and noise on the roads and bridges above us.   Felucca Ride Felucca Ride 2 Phil, sunset and Felucca Ride
Phil, the Captain & Steve Felucca Ride
Almaz on the Felucca Almaz and Phil R on the Felucca Phil R on the Felucca
Cairo Tower from the Felucca Sunset from the Felucca  


Desert Journey

Should have been an easy journey, however 100k outside Cairo the car broke down, no RAC or AA, what do you do? Hitch a lift of course! Then when the truck breaks down, what do you do? Wait!

  Solid reliable American Car. The truck that pulled us 200K (driver and helper fixing it!) Watching the truck being fixed


El Gouna

Within moments of seeing the resort, Phil was ready to sell in London to buy a villa! We stayed in the "Italian Compound" - never saw any Italians and it didn't feel like a compound! 

Click here to see the El Gouna website

  The lagoon view from the apartment The Apartment Sunset over the lagoon
Hear no, speak no, see no..... I am bloody smiling.....
Sunrise over the Lagoon (we had a plane to catch!) Where's that bloody waiter gone now?!  


Mangroovy Beach

Don't know why they chose the name! Perfect sunbathing weather and very comfy beds. Crystal clear water, only problem was the ten minute walk out to sea before the water was deep enough to swim.

  Mangroovy Beach - North Snorkelling at Mangroovy Beach - Steve & Tony Isabella David Almaz & John - Only getting wet on the inside
Mangroovy Beach - South


A Night Out in El Gouna

We went out to the "Old Town" (Well it's at least seven years old!).

  Dinner at the "Club House" Club House - Phil & Steve Club House - Almaz & John
David & Isabella


Snorkelling Trip to Sawilha Island

Beautiful coral and amazing coloured fish! Phil didn't see much, preferring to stay on the boat.

  Snorkelling Trip - Steve & Tony Snorkelling Trip - Steve & Phil Snorkelling Trip - Phil (Breathe in now)
Snorkelling Trip - Steve Snorkelling Trip - Steve Snorkelling Trip - Sawilha Island
Snorkelling Trip - Sawilha Island Snorkelling Trip - Sawilha Island



Pile of rocks in the desert really.... but on the other hand it was amazing to see when you consider that some were 5 thousand years old.   Pyramids - Saqqara - Phil & Steve Pyramids - Saqqara - Phil Tony John & Almaz Pyramids - Saqqara - Tony John & Phil
Pyramids - Giza - Phil & Steve Pyramids - Giza - Tony Pyramids - Giza - Cheops
Pyramids - Giza - Sphinx Pyramids - Giza - Sphinx


Back to the Nile

Tony's turn to experience a ride on a Felucca, after we'd been to the British Embassy for their garden fete - just think loads of ex-pats in a relatively enclosed space....   Felucca Ride 2 - Phil & Steve Felucca Ride 2 - Tony Felucca Ride 2 - Almaz & John
Nile Bank - Phil & Steve Nile Bank - Phil & Tony


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