Cancun, Mexico

November 2012

Although Mexico had always been somewhere we had both wanted to visit, the decision to go to Cancun was made when Steve's nephew Craig announced that it was to be the setting for his marriage to his fiancée Elissa.

Moon Palace Resort

The Moon Palace, a resort the size of a town, is situated on a beach to the south of the main hotel area of Cancun.  While not the sort of place we would normally choose to stay, it was immaculately kept and efficiently run, and the staff friendly.

Being all-inclusive, full breakfasts soon became the norm, and the cocktails (especially the Margueritas!) flowed.  Refreshments were not limited to the fifteen restaurants we could choose from each night, as the extended Burgess family converged from Canada and the UK took advantage of the swim-up bars during the day, and of the Skybar and the nightclub at night.

  Steve, by Our Apartment The Beach Outside the Apartment Steve in Our Apartment's Jacuzzi
Breakfast with a Mexicam Theme Breakfast Entertainer The Burgess Family at Play
Steve with Sisters Sue and Jacky Phil and Peter at the Pool Bar The Pool Bar
The Pool Bar Magician at Resort Bar Waiter Making Guacamole
Catching a Golf Cart to the Skybar With Gary in the Skybar With Wendy in the Skybar
In the Skybar with Elissa In the Skybar  

The Wedding

The wedding took place on the Wednesday afternoon on the resort's beach.  The bridesmaids, groomsmen and other guests gathered, followed by Craig and Elissa.  A friend of her family performed the ceremony.

Rain threatened the planned al fresco wedding breakfast, so it was moved inside one of the resort's function rooms.

  The Congregation on the Beach, Awaiting the Couple's Arrival The Congregation Closer Up The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
The Ceremony The Newlyweds After the Ceremony with the Bride and Groom
After the Ceremony Trying on a Fascinator?! After the Ceremony

Trip to Chichen-itza

Rather than take an organised trip to the Mayan ruins of Chichen-itza (said to be one of the seven wonders of the world), through our tour rep we organised our own coach and guide.

After a buffet lunch, we made a diversion on the way back to Cancun to a natural sink hole for a swim.  Created by a network of underground rivers, they proved a refreshing place for a dip.  While Phil used the ladder to get in, Steve jumped in from the high ledge.  Thanks to Pete for some of the pictures.

  Chichen-itza Ball Park Foundations of Earlier Pyramid at Chichen-itza The Main Pyramid at Chichen-itza
The Main Pyramid at Chichen-itza Closer Up Lunch with Mexican Dancers Sink hole in the Jungle
Thw Sink Hole from below Steve and Kathy Getting Ready to Dive Steve and Kathy Diving
Splashdown Surfacing Getting Out

Boat to the Isla Mujeres

Thanks also to Pete for one of the next set of pictures but also to Steve's brother Mick, not only for some of these photos but also for organising the day trip to the nearby island of Isla Mujeres (or Isle of Women).

The bus took us to the ferry, and onto the island for a rainy lunch.  Steve joined the snorkelling party, while Phil opted for the sun bed round the pool - once the sun had come out - before we headed back to the boat for a short hop to the island's only town.  After an hour's exploring (and the purchase - after some haggling - of a hammock), we headed back to the boat and, literally(!), into the sunset.

  On the Boat to the Isla Mujeres Steve (and Mike) on the Boat The Turquoise of the Sea Contrasting with the Stormclouds
Steve on the Main Drag of the Isla Mujeres Phil by the Sea on the Other Side of Town Steve, Waiting for the Boat Back
Leaving the Island Sunset on the Boat Sunset on the Boat

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